Company Culture

The main line of company culture: Spirit of strict demanding, path of learning and innovation, striving for the top goal.

Core concept 
1, Values: Respect for dedication, pursuit of perfection
2, Quality Policy: Excellent staff, reasonable management, excellent products, satisfactory service 
3, Enterprise spirit: Innovation, struggle ahead, self-improvement, pursuit of excellence 
4, Corporate image: Unity, cooperation, harmony and common development.

Extension concept
1, Corporate philosophy: creating talent, achievements of enterprise 
2, Management concept: give full scope to the talents, make the best use of everything, the best use of that money to make its value, let everyone do his best; 
3, Production concept: Refuse unqualified product, forbid producing defective products, stop defective products; 
4, Quality concept: customer in mind, quality in hands; 
5, Development concept: learning, innovation, transcending; 
6, Service concept: All for the sake of the customer; 
7, Enterprise style: rigorous, pragmatic, hard-working, efficient